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AWDC DRD Yesterday - Who was there ??


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Hi all,

Well yesterday was a day and a half, as paul W said, muppets throwing themselves into stupid situations all day, and loads of them.

Saw quite a few foruemmers there Chris W, Paul W Tonk, (mit nice new cage tho the "Paints a bitblinginnit - wicked ?" the anthill mob (1 CV done early on) and a vallinat attempt at the ice cold mud run, ...and a load of friends, but the "Honours" for this year go to the chap I was recovering when Paul appearred.

In a taped off hole 2x drivers had managed to get well stuck in, a very clean late blue metaliic disco, and then his mate tried to pull him out (with something looking like a piece of thick baler twine) and got himself stuck too.

They had been in there for some time, and had got absolutely nowhere, and little idea of what they were doing.........

I removed the Jeep Cheroke 1st, (no front recovery point at all, but he came out ok.....

Then the blue disco.......pulled him out at least he had a factory towbar system.

having got him out he looked around the Disco, and the friont valance under the bumper had taken damage (he had already smacked it earlier)...and was cracked and hanging down, one of the lights hanging by its wires.

We all then just stood there is amazment as he kicked tugged and sheared off the valance and assorted parts, pulling the light unit harder and harder until the wires gave up.......smashing pulling and kicking continued until a pile of bits where in the rear load area, and no valance remained bar a few poor sheared off wires hanging down...cheers mate he said....and wandered with his mate "Where next ?"

The best bit tho was as he and his mate went back to drive around some more his mate said.

"His fathers going to have a fit when he gets it back :huh: "


so, who else went ?...any pics at all from the day ?


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Unashamedly copied and pasted from orrp...

Yep! T'was good. Saw you a couple of times Nige, but you were always busy!

Got loads of pictures but I can't be arsed to upload them all..

So just a couple

Jim in his Bobtail


Millsy in his 2a


And me in the Disco


More to follow

Loads of people there and towards the end of the day the course actually started to get muddy!!! ;D

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Paul Wightman and 'Piggy'


Oh yeah and the Parts bloke from Gotts, who is not as good as Richard the parts Guru!

Oooh, another one of me! How did that get in here??? ;D


Bloke making a complete balls up of the same bit Millsy, Jim and Myself trundled over.


More to follow

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