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Yipee its on the road


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Well the 90 is now on the road driving around Brisbane , and getting some looks. :D

Customs thought it was a seris 3 so charged us £600 import duty on the 90, So that was a result, we were told, before we left it was going to be more nearer to £3500. Only time i have never argued when someone has under valued a car of mine :D

Had to get a Australia Compliance plate. So they have to check the car meets Australian rules for safty and and road compliance, called ADR.

Well this chap came around and looked at the 90 and started taking all these ADR numbers of the seats , seat belt and from under the bonnett. Took him 3 mins to check the car and give it a plate. This was a thing i had been worried about for months because it is dose n ot pass then you have to pay to change what they want you to change and then go for the plate again. The 90 was only exported to Australia in 2002 for two years and then stopped. And this was in the TD5 and not the 300 TDi.

Work for a Land Rover dealer so got them to do a Road worthy certificate (like MOT but alot easer) which the 90 past with flying coulors, just had to stop the mechanics wanting to take it for a drive all day :D

While i am at work the 90 now sits in the road down the side of the dealership , been asked to move it out of site by the boss as people keep asking for one like that blue one. :D

Just waiting for our personal plates to turn up to put on the 90. They set the first set but sent the wrong size (D'OH). They should be here tomorrow.

So all ready now for a trip to Fraser Island at the weekend :D

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Glad to hear it got through, Ali. Are you wishing you tried your luck with your old truck now??? :lol:;)


Too bloody right. They cleaned the 90 here but did a carp job anyway and missed aload of stuff in the truck. mmmm hindsight :blink:

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