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intermittant rear wipe


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I have on of those delay realy things form Simon,

however cant find the instructions on how to fit (but its fitted!)

anyway delay part works fine as does screen wash jet on it own

but i dont get any wipes with the screen wash option.

in other words after pusinh the wash jet , you get water then have to wait for the next time delayed wipe then only get one wipe every 40s.

i thought it was meant to still have the constant wiper on with the screen wash jets activated or is this worng.

Does anyone have one wired up that does do it properly?

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many thanks for the email, i went through it all and removed the supplied timer delay relay to refit as per your instructions and found i have a different relay!!! typical.

mine has 5 connections not the six yours does, i am hoping Simon can shed some light on this:

31 - earth

54 - to where red/green wire went on switch

31b2 - has the red/green wire that did go to the switch

31b1 - green/brown wire from switch

in this setup it works with a 50s delay. (thin green wire from relay not connected)

now on the instructions (i eventually found) it says connect the thin green wire coming out of the delay relay to the 'switched side' of the wash wipe green/black wire.

where is the switched side?

A- If i connect this thin green wire to the green/black wire on the back of the switch i get wash and constant wiper on when the button is depressed and rotated right. as it should do.

but if its left as connected as above and wash wipe isint pushed but wiper switch is rotated right nothing happens. (disconnecting the thin wire and it works again on delay) - when its like this wiper should be working delayed i think.

Putting 12v down this thin wire gives constant on (hence how 'A' above works) but i think when i connect it to the green/black wire it earths (or something) and then the delay doesn't work.

with the thin green wire attached to the green/black wire but disconnected from the switch and the switch rotated (for wiper) it doesnt work which confirms thats something must be amiss with the green/black wire???

In the end i have removed it as whislt the delay is good (50s can be a little too long) i need the wiper to come on when the wash is activated and it doesn't, i dont want to wait 50s to get one wash. it ends up taking 2-3mins just clear the rear screen!

Does this mean i ahve misunderstood the switched side of the button? if so where is the thin green wire meant to connect to?

Simon, looking for your help on this on.

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Looks to me as though you need the earlier 6 pin relay as the 5 pin one you have must be a later version for the Td5 vehicles, the red relay should have amr2341 on it;s casing, which is a front one that's had the delay time extended from 4 secs to 40secs, the LGB [light green/black], stays connected to the switch, tap into it with a new piece of cable & connect to 53 on relay, hope that helps

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The relay Simon supplied to me is a 'Ford 68125' well thats whats written on it.

i am either connecting the thin green wire into the wrong bit (i dont think so) or somethings amiss.

this is on a '99 plate TD5.

Tony - is yours a 5 or 6 pin relay?

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That's his later version of my system, which was one of the 1st batch IIRC, hopefully Simon will be around soon & will be able to advise you better, Tony's 90 is a 300Tdi so I believe he's got the same amr2341 relay as me. Sorry the connection info wasn't much use, hope you had a good time last night, Happy 2006 :D

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Right then chaps.....

There are basically three kits.

1. Red Ford Relay, 4 pins, 1 thin wire from case

2. Lucas type relay, 6 pins i think, (i'm not at home at the mo)

Both of these fit everything apart from Td5s with new dash.

3. Version of kit 2 for TD5 with new dash.

Instructions aren't interchangeable!

Once converted, no constant wipe EXCEPT when you wash. If you press wash with wipers off, it will automatically turn wipers on and they should do a double wipe. If u hold wash down, it will wipe continuously.

JST has kit 1 ( TD5 without new dash). Delay on these is always 40 sec so the fact is doing 50 sounds like its got a fault, but first check you have got a "good" earth for your connections at the relay and the motor end.

You don't need to alter any of the washer wiring. The thin green wire (from the relay) should be connected to the black green that goes to the washer pump. IIRC, the washer bit of the switch has a plain green going into one treminal ( the live bit) and the "switched " bit is the black/green - connect the relay thin green wire to this! The washer part of the switch looks like a table lamp push switch, its the rectangular bit rather than the round body bit.

JST is correct in that applying 12v direct to the relay thin green wire makes the wipers "go constant".

Hope this is now clear, if you need the full instructions PM with your address and I'll send you a set when I'm back in the UK on Thrs. Check all the motor connections are clean and bright as well, as they tend to corroded behind the trim panel. If it still doesn't work send the relay back in a jiffy bag (PM 4 my address) and i'll swap it. As I said the Ford ones should be no more than 40 secs delay.

One more thing, i take it u can wash in the off position without the kit fitted?? If not, the 12v feed to the wash switch has been put on the wrong terminal at the factory by LR, and thats the problem!!

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yep i have type one, which as you say should be correct for my pre new dash td5.

i have wash option (no wipe) when the button is just pushed. kit not fixed

when fitted delay is 50-55s.

have wired it up as per the original instr you sent(which is same as above), and double checked. still doesnt work.

earth is good.

It works with the 50s delay with the thin green lead flying. as soon as the thin green is attached to the switched side of the wash button it doesnt do any wipes with wipe on or wash/wipe it does still activate the washer pump though.

black and green is 0V until the wash button is pushed then the ign +12v goes through it. so assume this is the correct way aorund.

Pm on way.

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