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Nice way to end the year

Steve H

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Came home yesterday from Christmas with my wifes family in Hokitika ( West coast , South Island), lovely bit of the world, nice little town, nice folk, (allowing for their webbed feet ;) ) it can rain a bit. The kids loved their new PS2, my wife loved her new Gold chain & I'm enjoying my copy of "Chasing Rainbows" as was advertised in the LR porn recently. Did a heap of jobs for the M in L which should have earned enough brownie points for the next decade, but knowing their highly volatile nature & incredibly short 1/2 life they probably didn't make it to the New Year with me <_<<_<:lol::lol: On the way we stopped in to say g'day to my Bro in Law, who has just got, the first I'd seen,( we're only just starting to see Disco 3s out here in any numbers) Range Rover Sport HSE (?) Supercharged V8 anyways, AND he let me take it for a squirt. Oh 5hit they go well, soooo welll. Not sure which was the most fun, the twisty bit in tiptronic or whatever LR call it, or the standing start in D & just feeling it & listening to the SC winding up. I know they've got far to much electrickery & I know that by the time I can afford one most of that won't work but I was way impressed B) B) It made climbimg into the family wagon to continue home in the 28 degree heat ( Did I mention the heat :P:P ) a bit of a let down. The FW isn't a LR but does have a 109" wheelbase & LR used their engines downunder, & goes very well & reliably, sort of like a 110 should be if LR hadn't been too mean to develope it properly ;)

Sorry to bore you all, hope that 2006 produces all you want it to, all the best.

Cheers, Steve.

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I ended the year by taking the kids out for a play in the 110 early on then dropped them with their Granny.

then some mates turned up and we set off with a bottle of famous grouse and a bottle of port to meet a mate out on the moor who came with an excellent bottle of 1982 home brewed sloe gin. we then walked several miles to the smallest church in the country (culbone) where we drank a toast to one of our numbers family who are all planted there. Onwards we strode to where same mate has just finished a mammoth section of walling which features a memorial to his grandfather. More toasting then onwards to the farmhouse for mince pies and more whisky.

Got home at 4pm and went to the pub for an hour then home for a bath. Back in the 110 (Lucy driving, obviously as I could hardly walk). Met some of Lucys biker mates for some serious drinking then back to lynton for a curry.

Feeling a little jaded this morning for some reason...

Will :)

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