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Smug moment

Les Henson

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I spent today trying to finish the front panel for catflap.

I didn't know if I would be able to shoehorn the radiator, intercooler, and leccy fan all in without big headaches. As it was it all went how I wanted. The intercooler fits in the gap as shown with 8mm gap, and the original rubber mounts take up 4mm at the top and 4mm at the bottom, so I'm well chuffed. Pity the intercooler couldn't go further to the right, but the shape of the panel prevents it. The pipes exit nicely, but I had to cut a hole for the top pipe. The diameter of a plastic mug was exactly right :D

The electric fan is actually attached to the radiator itself, and the two can be fitted/removed as one item.

Now I have to take it all apart, get the panel grit blasted and paint. Good days work, I'm very happy with how it's all gone.

Three piccys, I need some batteries for the camera, so I'll bung up a few more when I've got some.


Original rubber mounts off the intercooler. Making the square holes took ages.


All done, now to take it apart :(


Les. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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I'm not going to mount any fans for the intercooler. The engine is 2.5TD, and the intercooler is just to assist the engine. Do you think I should have fans, and why?

I realise that there is partial air flow restriction due to the front panel, but does it matter?

Intercoolers aren't generally fan cooled are they?

Les. (getting a bit worried now) :(

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There is usualy a fan behind the intercooler, the engine fan. It will not make any difference on the road but you will not get the benefit when traveling very slowly ie. off road, as there is no air flow through the intercooler.


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I suppose I could fit a smaller pull fan on the radiator in line with the intercooler. Not sure how to switch it though, does the air need to be cooled all the time? This might present a problem as most electric fans are not designed to run continuously. It would also pull air through one side of the Radiator too, so it would supplement the bigger fan. Bit of a headache really, I'd fit a second fan if it was beneficial.

Les. :(

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I wouldn't have thought its really a problem Les, will you really get a benefit offroad with it..? Surely the main benefit of a intercooler on a TD is having cooler air going in at road speeds so giving the pistons less of a hard time.

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My 300Tdi doesn't have a fan at all and although I've had problems with high water temp when offroad at low speeds but working the engine hard, there have been no scary high EGTs suggesting it needs more intercooling. I'd run with ambient airflow Les, you'll be no worse off than without the intercooler!

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hmmm, interesting. I've got an oil cooler in similar position to where you have the intercooler - I mae some slots in the side panel to allow it to move closer to the edge.

I take it that the metal work behind the intercooler is preventing it from abutting the side? Is it not possible to rehape that? But then you need to be carful how far the pipes/hoses stick into the wheel arch.

Also it looks to me that you have put bolts through the radiator itself to hold the fan in place? I frown on this practice although the kit car boys do this. On a bouncy offroader this may not be such as good idea. And you can fit a larger diameter fan, intercooler spacing allowing; max size is 16 inch.

You can supplement cooling by fittiing a smaller fan behind the radiator - Ive got a 13 inch fan on bracketry that does seem to help move air in t he engine bay out through a bonnet vent.

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Also it looks to me that you have put bolts through the radiator itself to hold the fan in place?

No, the fan is just sitting in there held by cable ties to make sure the gap between radiator and the intercooler is sufficient.

I frown on this practice

I escaped a severe frowning then 02! :P

Rest of the pics for the radiator mounting.

It's mounted to the radiator itself, because of the resticted space and the need for it to be very close to the cooling fins. Also the radiator and fan can be removed as a single unit.

Two brackets that were made from an old bed frame. :D

First one is quite small, I welded two M6 x 20mm studs for ease of fitment of the fan.


And then held in place on the left side of the radiator frame by 4 x pop rivets. You could just as easily use bolts (M5 or M6)


The second frame is somewhat more complex. It has to go right across the radiator at the bottom and then vertically to hold the other side of the fan. Again two M6 x 20mm studs, and the frame is held in place by 2 pop rivets at the end of each 'leg'


The fan is a Kenlowe 12" push fan, it fits nicely in the frame and is retained by 4 x M6 nyloc nuts.



Edited by Les Henson
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Why not use a 200/300TDi intercooler as they exit from the rear rather than the side, or is it too close?

It was my old 200Tdi intercooler, Les has modified it as the original pipe connections were in the wrong place for his needs/wants. see the other pics in the gallery :D

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