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That driver deserved what he gotr - complete idiot. What's the point in having a spotter if you're going to completely ignore the directions he/she is giving you.

How hard can it be to turn right when directed... what a tw@t. Then, if you notice, when it all starts to go wrong, he gets on the gas(!)

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I agree that he should have followed the spotters instructions - but often it feels & looks very different in the cab and it needs a lot of blind faith in the spotter to trust them more than what your senses are telling you.

I have experienced this three times in the last couple of years - and been sure I was going to roll, only saved by faith in the spotter (thanks to Chelsea Tractor, Rocker & Mark 90 who were the three!)

Hitting the gas may just have been panic as it was already fairly wrong by then.


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