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Picture Of Your Landie


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The Rogue Vogue trilogy.......


The original Rogue Vogue, was already named and painted when I bought it and the name kind of stuck, I used to want a 90 but having driven a V8 auto rangie there was no going back. Bought for £500, died and was recycled as bean tins. :(



The second Rogue Vogue, built entirely by myself but the name had to stay. Bought for £200, sold when I found out I would soon be a dad!


The current Rogue Vogue, when I realised that there was no way I could be without an off-roader I started to plan this one as the ultimate collection of all the best ideas I have seen and thought through. It's not finished yet by any means but I have been more than happy with the performance so far. Bought for, well not actually paid for it yet, hope he doesn't decide he wants it back. :o

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Here are mine..

Here's the hybrid when I got it..


run it on BFG's for laning and summer..


also running it with bikini top, or LR Thong as Nige calls it, this summer..


Here's the p38..


now morphing back into stock..


and finally family hack ;) , latest and very reliable :blink: RR..




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OK here are mine over the years:

The original 1987 2.5 petrol 90, sold about 4 years ago:


The 1995 300Tdi 90 that replaced it:


The 2004 300Tdi 90 that replaced that late last year:


And the shiny one B) :


Don't have any digital pics of my first two Discoverys (a 1991 200Tdi and a 1996 3.9)

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I remember it well Steve, thats why I don't want to rush into using it at Tonys as I haven't tried it out yet (it still isn't fully back together!). Hopefully we won't get into any situations like that this time! :lol:

What have you done to the Range Rover? Been out with the T cut or something a little more involved?

A few more I've found of yours in it's previous life...




And one of my favourite Land Rover photos as it sums up why I like driving mine:


When everything else is broken or stuck, it just sits there chugging away merrily :D

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What have you done to the Range Rover? Been out with the T cut or something a little more involved?

yeah just Autoglym paint restorer at the moment, I've got to call Graham (Ripley) on Monday to get it in for dents and re-spray etc :)



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