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Picture Of Your Landie


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Not finished, but very nearly. Taken ages but should last forever.

Can't find the time to finish it and still need a few bits.

Needs a custom stainless exhaust rear section, any recommendations?

Will post all the build photo's soon.


300TDI, Galv chassis, TD5 tank, TD5 Dash, 2"inch lift, Scrap Iron Evolution kit, Alisport Cooler, Safety Devices cage.

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ahh it brings a tear to my eyes but hey ho, here's Pig


bless simex for thier wheel a phobic tyres


Can't show pictures of new toy yet but its showing signs of being a bit on the massive side when it grows up :unsure:

hmm "mouse" or "Lishi", new toys' name is yet to be confirmed



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Another try...


When I owned two at the same time, albeit briefly.


Drumclog, it drove in and drove out without a scratch.


On the SORC treasure hunt last year (image courtesy of Steve Taylor)


Contrary to popular belief there are more than two roads out of Blair Atholl.


Another of Steve's shots, Little Glenshee. Just before he lost his keys.... :rolleyes:


First one way, then the other at Glentarkie

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Found a few more.

My first Series III 2.25 diesel


And as a truck cab.


This was replaced by Olly which used to belong to my grandad, 2.25 petrol.


During this time I brought Nessy, the 109 High Cap, fitted a 2.5 diesel and sold her on :(


After this I needed a runabout as I'd sold the petrol 88 on for a nice profit, and Katie came along at the right price, with a years MoT and tax for £600.


Quick coat of paint to smarten her up for work and a mate's wedding


After blowing the head gasket and replacing it at Billing, the engine threw a rod after a month, I replaced the engine with another diesel and when the MoT ran out broke her for spares as the chassis was seriously bad.

Then I went a bit poofy and brought a 90


Nice and comfy, reasonably quick, good at towing, but for me a bit boring. ;)

So when the chance came up to buy Doyley's V8 2A, the 90 went and I've never been happier with a truck. :D


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