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Sticker Removal

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if the 90 in your avatar is the vehicle concerned then those side stripes are not 'County' stripes, the County stripes run up the door & along the body at door handle height.

my 110 is a 1989 spec CSW, with the county stripes in multi grey, these were also in blue & green.

the stripes along the sill/bottom of door were fitted to hardtop & pick up bodied vehicles

best way to remove is heat with a hair dryer & peel off.

Defender County stripes were light grey with a dark grey centre band & Defender on the dark grey band in a creamy colour & county in smaller type on the rear side panels.


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Oh okay then. I got one of the rear ones off and the area left is slightly lighter. Will this weather down to the same colour as the rest of the truck?

it will given another few years But will always be lighter than the weathered paint as it's been protected by the decals, it should be possible to polish the older areas to blend in the shiny areas.

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