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low pitched booming vibration - Disco 300Tdi


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over the last couple of months i've noticed a low pitched booming vibration coming on at around 65mph in my Disco... it stays with you right up to around 80mph... :(:angry:

It sounds a bit like driving over the red rumble strips they paint on the run-up to some roundabouts, to get you to slow down... <_<

Its not wheel bearings, as they are all new, and fitted correctly, i don't think its transfer box, as they normally whine on over-run?

any idea's where to look? I think it sounds bearing/ UJ related, and it certainly seems to be coming from the drive-train, rather than the engine...

The propshaft UJs seem ok, but there is a bit of play in the front diff pinion bearing, how much should you be able to move the input flange up and down? :unsure:

any hints would be most appreciated, as this time in 4 weeks i'll be in france, on the way to spain in it :(

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Check that stupid rubber doughnut rear UJ carefully, they look OK sometimes but are actually wrecked when you look closely.

Will :)

What Will said. I changed mine when I was doing another job as a "I've got the prop off, I might as well" type job. For the sake of 10 mins work and a few quid, it's worth it. Mine looked okay all the time it was on the prop, once I got it off, you could see hairline cracks all over the rubber and the metal tubey bits were starting to come away from the surrounding rubber.

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the rubber doughnut is due to be replaced next week anyway, so i'll soon eliminate that....

I've got quite a bad oil leak from the rear diff pinion that started about the same time as this noise... i'm beginning to wonder if the diff pinion bearing isn't knackered, allowing the output flange to move around a bit too much....

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