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300tdi fuel tank vacuum

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so when I run the tank low and go to fill up, I have to almost use both hands to get the cap off the fuel tank due to vacuum having been formed. I had assumed that this was a blocked breather

But the small pipe that comes off the filler pipe - which i thought was a breather seems to go back into the tank.

Is the 300tdi defender fuel tank vented - or is it supposed to vented through the fuel filler cap - (mine seems to be the original one - or at least it uses the same keys as the doors !)

Just not sure where to look next...



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Guest diesel_jim
I think its supposed to be vented through the filler cap.

Yup, it is.

if you take the cap off, turn it upside down you'll see a coulpe of cross head screws. remove these and the plastic "cap" will come off of the metal bit.

then you can dismantle that (carefully) and se where the little plastic and metal ball sit, along with a "rocker", they're probably bunged up with poo.

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