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Fuel filler hose

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After getting my original 2 lug non-locking type filler cap nicked, I have decided to try and convert to a locking type. I have acquired a locking cap and the corresponding filler neck from a later defender (Part No: NTC2676), but the rubber hose from the neck to the tank on my vehicle looks far too wide at the end where it clamps on to the neck filler?

I can't seem to find the right part that I need, can anyone advise a part number? Or will I need to change the tank as well to a later type to complete this conversion?



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Guest diesel_jim

I've seen on some expedition LR's, a "door" that fits over the complete filler cap, so you can't even get to it.

no doubt someone at Billing next weekend will have something similar for sale.

or have you considered an early 90/110 filler? it has a clasp that fits right over the cap onto which you can fit a padlock.




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a locking 2 lug cap should just fit straight on your existing fill tube, there's no difference listed for 90 or 110 filler caps.

locking cap vented is LR part RTC4740

I've got one of those but unfortunately my 90 is an early one with the pancake shaped filler cap and its about 90mm between the lugs whereas the 4740 is about 65mm.

The locking hasp could be a solution though?



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Don't suppose I could be a real pain and ask if you have the part number for the hasp/staple?

Can't find a early fuel cap locking 2 lug version, only non locking. either a complete update with the later parts or a hasp/padlock.
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