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Discovery V8 centre silencer removal?


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Hi guys the centre silencer on my Discovery 3.9 sounds like it falling apart from the inside and is rattling - although it is leaking no air and is in very good condition on the outside!

It's just outside the 12months warranty so I will need to replace it......or I thought of just cutting either side of the silencer and replacing with a straight pipe!

Anyone done this, would it still be MOT legal?

if so any idea where I would get a length of pipe the right size from, I certainly dont want to pay any more than the cost of a pattern replacement silencer £40ish.

How noisy would it be? would it be a good noise?

Cant be any worse than the annoying rattle at low speed I get now.

thanks in advance


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The induction and exhaust are a balanced system on the 3.9, therefore removing the mid box and so reducing some back pressure without and modification to the engine management will cause problems to the running and give excesive fuel consumption.

Best to replace the exhaust with a cat back sports system that's designed and balanced for the engine it will give you a noticeable improvement to the driveability and that V8 sound.

I know all this because I tried it but now have have a s/steel Janspeed cat back system fitted.

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thanks for making this post, for the past week the rattle from my exhaust has befuddled me, looked all over the condition is fine no loose fittings, and now i think i know what it is!!!! cheers. will definitely go for an aftermarket sport option :)

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Just an update on this guys.

Thanks for your help.

I check when I had bought this from paddocks and I was just inside 12months so I spoke to them and I purchased a new replacement exhaust which they sent free of charge.

Once I had taken off my exhaust I discovered a split in the top of the centre silencer which was not even on a seam it seemed like a failure of the metal.

Paddocks inspected the exhaust and agreed that it was not damaged by me and refunded the cost.

Sounds like its supposed to now.


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