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Moaning steering

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Hey guys, just a quickie...

Had a bit of a play in a quarry at the weekend, got a wee bit filthy with wading and whatnots. Anyway - the truck is letting out a very audible moan when turning the steering wheel and steering is noticeably stiffer on the right.

I've given everything a thorough blast with the pressure washer and a visual inspection shows nothing amiss. Checked the fluid and there's no water ingress or leakage. Haven't checked the belt yet but it was replaced about 4000 miles ago so should be ok?

Do I just need to break out the grease gun and go crazy on the linkages? :blink:

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Left the house this morning to find a very ominous red patch on the driveway... it would appear I have a leaky PAS pump. It obviously didn't like swimming...

It's leaking from the input shaft just behind the belt pulley - Can I obtain new seals or is it simply a replacement job?

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