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Washer motor grommets...

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A good link for obtaining these and preferably from a company who will post them......

Rang Stratstone in Bury who say they dont stock them and would order, but that I would have to buy 5 of each (45 quid plus vat!!!). Sensing my appallment, the chap then offered to ring round locally to see if anyone had them......Hey ho.

Thanks in advance.... :rolleyes:

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Main dealer will have them RTC 3959.

Mine were ordered in single units with no minimum order ! For Genuine parts by mail order I use H R Owen in Colchester.


Super work from Owen's, they didn't have them and understood the "minimum 5 order" thing, but rang back with the number of another dealer who they had established had a pair - incidentally part numbers RTC 5827 and 5828 (air conditioned vehicle, seems everything is different!

Hey ho parts on the way hurrah! :rolleyes::P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :rolleyes:

Thanks for the assistance Mo!

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