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I will need to overhaul my swivels before MOT time. I see some companies selling 'kits'; are these worth buying? Or do I buy genuine parts or a combination of both (Pattern Challis, genuine seals)?



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just did one of mine yersterday (other side next weekend !) I bought them from paddocks - they seem ok - although the pin bearings are of some bizzare make that I have never heard of.

I bought thed kit about a year ago and only just got round to it - thankfully everything was there!!!

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That is the trouble with the made-up kits, while the swivel itself is of OE quality the other components certainly struck me as being unknown brands and had obviously been bought in to keep the cost as low as possible.

If doing it again I would buy the OE swivel and then buy genuine or OE parts to complete the work, at least that way you have piece of mind that they will give a long service life while the unknown brands always leave you wondering.

Having said that, it all went together ok and has provided trouble-free service since.

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