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Power Steering Box Woes

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Right the 130 Is hissing Pas Fluid out the bottom of the Steering box again! :o:o I say again as its the 3rd time in 4 years, I replaced the original with a new one which lasted 18 months, that leaked so I had my friend who recons steering boxes for 3 of the big haulage companies around here recon my old one thats been on since February and on saturday am it was hissing fluid out again. Its a 97 P 300TDI

I need some oppinions and guidance please gentleman, there is obviously something going on to keep blowing seals. Is there a relief valve any where in the system? What should the Pa system run at? can I flow test it?

Anybody know some other reasons for my trouble?

I don't know how to proceed either, do I get a another new box, or have the 18 month old box reconned or better still is there a suppplier out there that does heavy duty PAS boxes for 300TDI Defenders.

Lots of questions I know but I'd be gratefull to hear your thoughts



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