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Disco Suspension


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I was wondering, I can get hold of springs and shocks for 2" lift that were previously on a LR90. I am thinking as my Disco '96 "looks" like the same chassis... Is it? And can I put thiese springs and shocks onto the disco to give it a 2" lift?



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They will fit but will not give you a 2 lift that they would on the 90.

This is because the disco is a heavy truck (all those carpets and nice stuff :lol: ) and fair bit heavier than a 90.

If the springs are the same length, then the thing to do (if you can find it) is to compare the spring rates of the 90 lifted springs against the standard disco ones then you should be able to see if they will give you any lift and how much...

from google:-

Spring Rate is the amount of weight needed to compress a spring a certain . Springs are rated in LB/in (in metric system kg/mm), or specifically, how many pounds of weight are required to depress the spring by one inch.

Consider you have 2 springs having different spring rates: One with 345 g/mm and the other with 480 g/mm. So what does it mean?

It means the 1st spring will compress 1 mm if you put a load of 345 grams, while the 2nd one will not. The 2nd one will need a 480 g. load to compress 1 mm. According to this, we can say that the 2nd spring is harder than the 1st one, or we can state that:

Springs that have a low Spring Rate are soft, while springs that have a high Spring Rate are stiffer.

hope this helps...

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