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Tdi white smoke


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Hi guys

My 97 Disco tdi started puffing white clouds of smoke all of a sudden. Drove home ok (about 4km) without any loss of power. Checked the water reservoir and found it was almost empty. No visible leaks and no water in the oil.(on dipstick)

I believe i am going to have to do a compression test to estimate the damage. Will that be enough to estimate the damage or will i have to remove the cylinder head to be 100% sure.

Hoping it might only be the gasket but that might be wishful thinking!?.

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Jim, it was indeed wishfull thinking. Turns out the cylinder head is cracked. Should i have the piston rings also checked while the top is off? Here goes my X MAS bonus! Can get a new cylinder head that was manufactured in Brazil for about R3500.00. Are they any good or shall i get one from CCA in Kaya Sands? (R5900.00) :(

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The one's Ruan sells vary in provenance. The best were marked with the name of a foundry in the US. I see nothing wrong with one made in Brazil, all the 300Tdi engines were made there from 98 to 2006 - the engine in the Kalahari 300tdi was made in Brazil, also the famous 2.8 TGV.

You could also try Ambassador engineering in Strydom park as they have great success welding the very expensive TD5 heads - the last cost us R1600. (we gave the head to JB engineering in Strydom park and they sub-contracted the welding, I think to Ambassador). JB reckons they can fix the cracks in the exhaust ports and even the ones between the valve seats.

Who sells this Brazilian head? I must say it sounds a bit cheap for a new one.

While you have the head off it is a good idea to hone the bores and fit new rings and big end bearings. I did that at 166k kms and my engine is still going at 270k.

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