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Temperature guage reading high. 200tdi

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a year or so ago my engine was running cold. I traced this to a faulty Stat which was not fully closing.

After i changed the stat it ran at 2/3 the way across the temperature guage.

I calibrated the guage by removing the engine temperature sensor and using a thermometer etc.

I found that 2/3 was about 91' and that vertical on the gauge was about 85'.

As the stat doesn't open till 88' i thought it must be the guage at fault and did nothing about it.

I always planned to fit a VDO guage, but aint got round to it yet.

Everyone on ere talks of an 88' stat going into a 200tdi. However by accident i looked on page 3.1 in the haynes manual and it clearly says that it should be an 82' stat and my temp guage seems to agree too.

Any opinions ??

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200Tdi should have a 88 degree stst fited, I've tried a 74 & 82 in mine & found the heater wouldn't give hardly anything & engine was running to cold, my temp gauge on a good run sits just left of centre.

only 1 listed for Defender 200Tdi engine in EPC LR part ERR2803

2500 cc - L/R - 4 Cylinder - Diesel - TDi - Turbo - 11L - 200 TDI - 88 degrees C

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