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I need to get the diff out of my Dynatrac axles (Dana 60's) to replace the oil seals; which are not at the hub end, to easy of course, but at the diff end and have been told that a sailsbury diff spreader will work perfectly.

Anyone got any tips or hints on this, or willing to loan a spreader, or have 1 for sale.



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I've torn down a few Salisburies. Never used a spreader on any of them. In fact I was advised that over enthusiastic use of a spreader can distort the casing permanently.

Put a ring spanner on one of the ring rear bolts, so that its resting on the edge of the casing.

Use a pry-bar on the spider-gear side, and lever it out. The ring spanner will keep it quite square.

Its a bit harder to get an ARB out, as there is less to grip onto, but its still possible.

A hide/deadblow hammer will pop it back it - easy.


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Can you not change the seal on your axle the same way as I change a Salisbury oil seal ?

Take the prop off.

Pop mark both the nut and the pinion shaft so that you can tighten them up to the same place.

Remove the nut, I count the turns.

Replace the seal.

Put it all back.

Now put the nut back on counting the turns and tighten to the pop marks.

Before you pop things, check that there isn't already a set of pop marks........


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Guest diesel_jim

The ones i've used are like a square frame..... the two horizontal pieces are large threaded bar with nuts on either side of the vertical pieces, the two verticals are angle/box section, with a round piece of bar welded in the middle to correspond with the round holes that are cast into the casing at 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock positions.

locate the large "pin" things into these holes then with a spanner, move the nuts so as to "stretch" the casing sideways. it only needs to be a few thou to release the bearings.

other tools ara "crushers" which work in a similar way, but "crush" the casing from top to bottom, again, only by a few thou to release the bearings.

you may find, as Moglite says, that with a spanner you can "pop" them out anyway... depending on the milage the tend to get a bit slack anyway.

Here's a crush frame from dingocroft:


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Cheers guys, will see how my mate I get on. It's the half shaft seals not the diff pinion, they are diff end of the axle tube though!

Since the axle has done about 1200 miles from new, I'm guessing things may be quite tight.


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Since the axle has done about 1200 miles from new, I'm guessing things may be quite tight.

I guess that a spreader will be needed then. I had to make one for my front axle as the diff bearings had been pitted by water and the diff mileage was low due to FWH fitment, so the preload was as new. Without the spreader it was solidly in the casing and the tricks already mentioned were no good at all.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Slow progress, and being lazy busy at work getting someone else to take care of it.

The first concern was I was unable to get any response from Dynatrac as to bearing or seals used, really happy about that. Luckily bearings are all Timiken, and seals don't look overly unusual. Even working out what the brake pads were was a bit hit and miss.

Diff spreader attempt 1.


Worked OK but may need a bit of alteration for the refit.

The problem with this inboard seal design is that mud can get into the axle tube and can grind away at the half shaft and seal. This is a look into the diff housing and down the axle tube.


Difficult to see but there is now a lip on the half shaft.


The other one does not look pretty either


So the plan now is to find a sealing method for the outer end of the axle tube.


Will either be a machining job for a specific seal or finding some sort of press lip seal to fit, as below as on the hub end of the drive shaft.


Might be back on the road before Christmas!


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