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200tdi valve spring compressor

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Even if you did, you need to ensure the valve doesn't drop down the bore. I guess you can turn the piston so it is at the top for each one as you do it or put compressed air in via the glow or injector holes.

try these, but never used them myself:

in situ compressor

or a fancier one

fancy one

good luck, I suspect you'll end up taking the head off anyway :)

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Guest diesel_jim

I did it on a 300Tdi, it had knackered springs (you could push them down with one hand!) and as i'd already removed & replaced the head, i couldn't be arsed to take it off again, so with the use of some big sockets,crowbar,bits of metal, lots of foul language, i managed to get them off and swapped over.

like was said, you need to make sure the cylinder you're doing is at TDC, when you let go of the valve it only drops 1/4" or so, not far at all.

i suspect the proper tool would make life much easier.

i was only going 3 springs, but if you're doing all 8 seals, i'd be inclined to just remove the head, it'll take you longer in buggering about trying to work around the springs then to whip its head off.

i had my head off within an hour of starting, it's not difficult at all.

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It's a bit of a menace job on a 200tdi because the last couple of valves are masked by the bulkhead. The last one we did we reckoned it took us so long to do valve 8 that it would have been quicker to take the head off.

And if your valve stem seals have gone the chances are the valve guides are also knackered. That was the case with the engine above, so it all had to come apart anyway.

Just remembered that was a 200Tdi Disco, so there may be more room with a Defender.

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