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Sump Gasket

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Greetings from a recent acquirer of my first RR - a 2002 HSE 4.6.

I've noticed oil beading from one point on the sump gasket - not

enough to drip, but just trail across the sump slightly. Should I be

worried? Are they known to blow? I know Land Rovers are notoriously

leaky so maybe it's just part and parcel of owning one?

Any guidance much appreciated.

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U lucky B*****D!, ;)

In the words of Monty Python..... U lucky, lucky ********** :P

Welcome Aboard!

On a more serious note it really depends where the source of the leak is - if its not emanating from the front crankshaft seal or rear crankshaft seals then the only cure is to remove the sump and fit a new gasket - after checking the tightness of the sump bolts - which should be only just nipped if it has a cork gasket! otherwise you will distort the sump and make the leak worse.

Leaks are sometimes caused by blocked breathers/flame trap on to pof rocker cover if it has one fitted etc, resulting in excessive pressure build up in the crankcase.

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Congrats and welcome aboard!

If it's not dripping, I wouldn't worry too much. You should off course check the oil level regularly, as long as you don't need to fill up between intevalls (3000 miles or 5000 kms is recommended), there's not a problem IMHO.

I had a 'sweaty' block on my 4.6 ever since I bought it, but no real leak, so I just let it be. Now that I'm rebuilding it, I will change all the relevant gaskets.

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the sump gasket on the thor engines is a rubber affair with little steel colars where the bolts pass through as the pan is alloy to stop it being over tightened and leak i usualy when replacing apply a thin smear of silicone sealant to aid the sealing

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