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3rd Member Set Up

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I've bit the bullet and will be installing a rear locker. With about 80,000 kilometers on the clock should I rebuild the whole 3rd member (pinion seal, pinion bearings, diff, diff bearings) or just install the diff with new bearings?

If I understand correctly, the pinion backlash adjustment is done with the use of shims. (Not Sals) If I reuse the same housing, ring, and pinion, I should use the same shims and it should be setup as it came from the factory?

Also the ring gear is similar in that there is no backlash adjustment on it? If it's bad you just need to get a new ring & pinion? Run out on the other hand can and needs to be checked as there might be something wedged between the diff flange and the ring gear.

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.



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It would be sensible to replace the pinion seal although not essential, get yourself a workshop manual and have a read, I think there should be some links on the forum to download it from the net if you dont have a paper copy. It is a job best done properly, I wouldn't try to shortcut anything, a lot of work and expense if not done properly.

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If you are dismantling the whole thing and putting in new bearings, you might as well do the rest. I expect the new bearings will mean that the number/thickness of shims needed will be different, anyway...

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Thanks for the input. I've read that the number stamped into the input shaft coralates to the distance away from the carrier and wasn't sure if they did that prior to or after setting up the diff. One would think if they did this prior to setting up the diff then the shims would remain the same. I can see how it would change if it was done after the bearings were installed but that seams like alot of work to go back and stamp after you have set it up. Don't know and that's why I'm asking.

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