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LR in action downunder


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nice one Leeds- great photoes- did you take them yourself or are they from a competition page as i'd like to see some more.

edited- as it didn't really say what i meant!


Good job I havent taken any offence! :P

Yep I took the photos on a Canon 30 D and a Canon 400D using a Tamron 28-300 and a Tokina 12-24 lens.

First few are from the Outback Challange, last set is from the Cliff Hanger. I do have a few more photos (LOL)


PS for a few photos read a few thousand! :lol::lol:

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Great pics Leeds

Looks like you're having a great time

Nice place down here isn't it. and very difficult to explain to people in the Uk just how remote some tracks and places are. I got asked by a mate what the phone service was like at some of the tracks , he was shocked when i said what phone service after all there is no radio stations :rolleyes:

. As i have said to others never mind how big you think Aus is , it is three time bigger than that :rolleyes:

You coming up to Brisbane , if you are, have to catch up for a beer

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A few more action shots for you

Ibex showing a clean pair of heels



Playing at submarines, bilge pumps away!


A Navvies lot is not always a happy lot!


Errr stuck


Completely stuck


Have a few more photos if you lot are interested.



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