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injector pump


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and hello to this grt forum

i think i am going to have to replace the injector pump on my 200 tdi

and would like to know if any pump for this engine will fit. ie a disco or a defender 200tdi pump, also i would like to fit a bosch. is this a straight swap as

i dont think its a bosch thats fitted at present.

also can anyone tell me are they easy to swop over

thanks nm

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I've already answered this post, have you posted it elsewhere?

yes i posted it on a few forums,

i assume this is allowed,

it helps to get as many surgestions and as much advise as possible.

trouble with this site is that it has taken a while for it to be made public.


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Oh, it is allowed, but it is normal to post the solution here if it is found. Otherwise the post here (or there) becomes pointless.

We would also prefer you to use the shift key occasionally. There are two of them on your keyboard.

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