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Help no indicators

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Im currently having a huge amount of grief with the indicators on my 1992 200tdi 90. I currently have no indicators at all, a forum search showed that the problem could be in the hazards switch but 4 times out of 5 my hazards work without a fault. Ocasionaly the right hand side lights dont come on straight away but they eventualy work.

Since the hazards are working am i right in asuming the problem could be with the indicator stalk itself?

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The hazard switch also controls the indicators, if your hazard switch doesn't switch properly then it will effect the indicators.

I would prove the hazard switch by substitution first.


*edit* Having just re-read your post, you've actually answered your own question, your hazards should work 5 out of 5 times when you switch them on, your hazard switch looks faulty.

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Also check your flasher relay. My hazards/indicators went totally insane earlier this year after some wading. Indicators would only work after hazards were used. Hazard switch replacement did nothing. Re-earthing lights/dash did nothing.

Cause: Flasher relay [one of the big towing relays] full of mud and water. :rolleyes:

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