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Strange squealing noise


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My 300TDi has just started making a strange squealing type noise from O/S/F area, sounds almost like a belt slipping, it only does it in 4th and 5th when starting to accelerate or when easing off, most noticeable when steering to the left..

It's quite a difficult sound to describe.

Sitting still I can steer it lock to lock with no noises so am ruling out anything steering related at the moment..

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated


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have you checked your power steering fluid level also look underneath on the o/s at the steering box is it leaking from the drop arm seal this happened to me had to replace steering box.

First thing I checked was the PAS fluid level and it's still on max, there are no noticeable leaks around the steering box, but I have got a fair bit of play in the steering and it doesn't self centre either, so maybe thats on it's way out? I do have a Heavy Duty Steering Damper fitted though which from what I've heard can have this effect on the steering(?)

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