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Beginner Brakes

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Morning all

As I only drive the truck on weekends (wife has it in week) I only noticed yesterday, while coasting to a stop almost landed me in my next-door neighbour's Fiat's back seat; that the brakes weren't right.

A quick test-drive seemed inconclusive; sometimes they felt fine, but (at lower speeds?) it felt they weren't servo assisted and it was like stopping when the engine wasn't running.

The fluid reservoir is full, but peering with a torch under the air-filter, there seems moisture/fluid around the vaccuum pump, but that could just be general engine gippage? I haven't crawled underneath yet (I need eggs AND bacon for that) so thought I'd ask while I finish me coffee.

Cheers for any help.




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Check that the vacuum pump is sucking for they often fail. But not at 11 400 miles ....

Keep your foot down on the brakes and start the engine. The pedal should go down a bit. If not, your servo is fud. Not fixable, you would have to buy a new one.

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