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P38 - Auto V8 does it have dif lock 1995MY


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Bro in law has arrived from Scotland on his way to holland.

He had to be relayed by AA as his front diff seems to have siezed.

He is out there at the moment taking the half shafts and front prop off, and I said to him "so where is your diff lock switch" (its an auto)....

Long silence....

Do P38's have diflock or do you have to drive it in low box (not for long journey ?)

Can he drive it with no half shafts or front prop or will the power just go to his spinning output shaft on the transfer box ?

ALso his car has ABS, which use the outer edge of the CV joint, but the CV's are/wll both be out so will this stop the vehicle from going anywhere...?


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No diff lock, it's a limited slip diff/viscous coupling in the transfer case.

You can but should not drive it any distance at all with the front prop/half shafts disconnected, the VC will overheat and sieze. Muchos expense to replace.

Removing the CV joints will put the ABS warning light on, probably disabling the ABS and TC, this will need testbook, rovacom etc to clear the fault codes.

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