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runaway diesel - HS2.8L tgv with too much oil


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Has anyone had their HS2.8 tgv "runaway" by running off of the engine oil. this happened to me bacause I had too much oil in the sump and it overwhelmed the engine breather system, where eventually oil was being fed into the intake. At this point, I know the injector nozzles are ruined. A compression test is next, but have to get the injectors back first as the compression test will be from the glow plug holes.

If this happened to anyone else out there, please post here and let me know what happened to the engine.


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I saw the remains of an engine that had run on the sump oil. It had been dismantled and the evident damage was the pistons and bores. The rings on all 4 pistons were broken and the alloy of them had picked-up in the bores heavy score marks on the bores presumably caused by the broken rings.

I don't see how the injectors get damaged by this happening.

I always thought that oil went up the bores to be burned, there must have been an awful lot in there for it to go via the breather system.

I would suggest that the best course of action would be to toatlly dismantle the engine and check everything.

I think the main factor that limits damage is how quickly you can stop the engine. I think the engine continues to rev higher and higher - self perpetuating until it destroys itself.

Bad luck, I hope you can fix it.

Les. :)

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