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swivel changes & stub axle bearings

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Did my pass side swivel this weekend - or at least as much as I could !

Last weekend the drivers side had no race left in the top swivel bearing...but have swopped all the bits and it seems ok :o

This week was the passengers side -

All ok until I pull the stub axle and half shaft/cv joint - no bearing or oil seal left on the inbound side of the stub axle, and the 'landing' on the cv joint looks like somebody has been at it with a lathe tool - good old royal mail maintenance !!!

So the question is: How easy is it to put the needle bearing into the back of the stub axle - the manual states a special tool is needed - will the normal workshop tools of clamps/vices etc do it or not?

Also, there is a brass thrust ring which on the drivers side was a slide fit, whereas on this side its stuck solid - so which is it meant to be slide or solid?

Just wonder how much cr** has ended up in my diff as there wasnt a lot left in my swivels.....

thanks for any guidance

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ok - one new stub axle, and cv joint later and I now have a leak free front end :lol:

In case anybody is interested, the stub axle bearing can be put in without the special tool, and the thrust washer is a press fit ....oops better go back to the drivers side then !

Still got a bit of play though - guess it must be the steering damper and/or one of the steering joints...

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