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Good day today......

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Replaced the two front seats last night with some 2007 ones.......they are sooooo comfortable! Lush!

Fitted the new 2-seat vinyl bench jobs in the rear this afternoon, then went to helfrauds and back for some bulbs.

Fitted shiny fire extinguisher (chrismas present! from she of little faith!).

Went to pop out a bit later and the starter clicks like a big angry clicky thing. The engine still starts but it sounds horrible. Any ideas chaps?

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could be the starter gear stuck in mesh with the flywheel ring gear.

Cheers Ralph, first in with an answer as ever :P . But I'm afraid that doesnt mean a whole lot to the "engineering clueless class".

What exactly is that please, how did it happen, how can it be fixed?

(This is how bad things are :P :P I had the wife sit in and start the engine, while I peered into the engine....and I'm still trying to work out where the starter motor is! :P :P )

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