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200tdi 90 auto conversion without moving engine?

Ben Spray

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Hi all,

I spent a good couple of hours reading all the posts on here about auto conversions etc but couldnt find an answer to my question (but loads of other useful stuff)

Im thinking of going auto on my 200tdi 90 (started as a ex-MOD NAD) when I put the 200tdi in there I used a defender engine and its mounted exactly as a defender would be using original engine mounts and the proper rad etc etc...

So I now want to change the lt77 for an auto but I really dont fancy moving the engine forwards and all the hassle of exhaust mods, intercooler / rad hose shortening etc..

Wondered if I leave the engine where it is and mount the auto back, which from what Ive ready on here will be about 13cm (5") longer what issues could I see by doing it that way?!

ie Will the rear prop be too short (any ideas what length I need??) I will be fitting the Llama 4x4/Gwyn lewis challenge suspension setup at some stage so dont want the prop to be binding etc? will it need exhaust mods still, obviously new gearbox mounts (can I use the disco crossmember and just redrill the chassis?) not too fussed about having to make a custom tunnel for the shifter etc (Im guessing the nice Ashcroft one will only fit if the gearbox is in the 300tdi position, ie engine forwards??)

Main concern about modifying exhausts etc is Ive only just got the Gywn Lewis stainless side exit all fitted in nicely and not knocking on anything..

I will be getting a 200tdi auto discovery so will have all the bits from that...



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