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Timing for EDC 300Tdi


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Hi all, we now have our first 300Tdi EDC cambelt change on the go. What baffles us is the timing. With a 'normal' Tdi, the engine will run with the timing at anything from 2 deg BTDC to 15 BTDC, with 10 being the best setting. This thing only seems to want to go at 5 deg BTDC at any other setting it won't start at all. And even then it has to crank over about ten times before it starts. The glows are working ok.

Does anyone have any idea of whether we should just try to treat this as a normal 300tdi or do we have to get out bell, book and candle?

This injection setup does not seem to be in any of the LR manuals we have. Is there such an animal out there?

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The belt change is the same as the ordinary VE pumps,but the big difference is that the engine ECU wants to see the point of injection from the needle lift sensor within a certain range of crankshaft degrees.Too far out and it will log a code.If its not starting with the timing correct then something else is wrong.From cold EDC engines dont start quite as well the mechanical ones,in cold weather they need their glow plugs too.

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