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Crash damaged discovery


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Hello people,

Just taking a wonder over here from the defender forum, Since you are the disco people could you help me with this please.

My neighbour has a N reg diesel disco ( 300tdi?) It has been in a roll on the motorway so the body is knackered and crushed all together windows smashed etc, The disco has only done 102,000 miles and he says the engine is in fine fettle, I was thinking it might come in useful for spares for my defender tdi, He is asking £450 as he says it cost him that to get it recovered. Does £450 sound a bit steep for a crushed disco with okay running gear??

Please give me your opinions fellas.

Kindest regards tris

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IMHO.....its about right.......you can pay £700 just for the engine but i just bought a v8 with 63k on the clock for £250 with 8months mot and a 300tdi on an N plate for £375......short test but has 120k on the clock.

So for spares if you can use everything then it would be a good buy.


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£100 per axle

£100 alloy wheels

£5-600 engine, loom and ancillaries, possibly more

£??? any interior parts that aren't trashed...

You might get some useful bits, but how long would you be willing to store stuff for?? That "rainy day" you are thinking of might never come...

Not sure I'd want the hassle of getting involved in what is going to be an insurance write-off, either. Others have done it and come out with a heavy pocket to show, though.

Offer £300 as a starting point......

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