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HI I'm new

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Hi everyone, im Roland and im new to the forum. Iv been on LRO for a while but this place looks a bit faster moving! I currently have 4 Landrovers, 2 88" coilers, a series 2 and an old chassis with a tube cage welded on, for fetching the cows up.

I was recently given a 200tdi engine, which was low on compression on 1 cylinder. I took off the head and sump, and knocked the pistons out. It seemd that piston 3 had broken the upper ring, which picked up and wore the bore approx 1mm! So I priced up a rebore and liner, but then came across another block on ebay. This one has no bore wear, you can still see the hone marks! Only think is, is theres a chip at the bottom of a bore where a conrod let go. I'l polish this up though, and rebuild it with bits off the other engine.

Meanwhile, i went offroading in the 2A, (Sherpa 2.5, rangie axles, parabolics, 265 Insa turbos) and blew the front diff. I rebuilt this with a diff out of the back of my mates 90 hehe.

Anyway thats a summary of whats going on in my shed at the moment!

So hi, i look forward to contributing and talking to you guys


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