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Couple of things P38


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Hi all! First time to post, though I did read a lot of great gen from this forum before changing the EAS to springs on my '98 2.5 DSE!!

(Be very happy to pass on any info on that job)

Trying to solve two little problems now.

1. The auto function on my drivers window doesnt work. It says 'Window Not Set' It wont reset in the normal way, and when I close the window it rattles quite

noisely when it gets to the top?

2. Got new tires, the shop said they did balancing and tracking, but its still pulling to the left. I read some things about bushes on this forum, what are they?



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To investigate the window issue, you'll have to take the door card off, 5min job.

-Remove tweeter housing by gently pulling off (no screws)

-Disconnect speaker wire and remove bolt from doorcard.

-Undo screw behind the door handle, and remove doorhandle surround. this requires some manoevering to get it off.

-Under the handle are 2 plastic screwhole covers, remove these and undo the 2 screws within.

-Now using something soft to protect the paint begin levering the doorcard away from the door.

-It is now only held on by plastic tabs, (buy extra incase you damage some).

-Once off disconnect the speaker wire.

-Try to remove the foam insert from the door without damaging, not easy.

Now you should be able to see inside the door.

Rubber bushes look like this


And are found where bolts mount the axles, via trailing arms, radius arms, etc to the chassis.

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