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Engine mounts on serie 3 chassis

Kim Horsevad

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Before I send my serie 3 88inch chassis off to galvanizing I have to questions I would be very gratefull if someone can provide me a definate answer for:

1: Are the chassis parts of the engine mounts for the 2,25 litre diesel engine is the same as for the 2,5 litre naturally aspirated diesel engine?

2: Can a 2,5 litre naturally aspirated diesel engine be bolted to the series 3 gearbox?

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1 Think so : you can swap the engine mounts over if necessary

2 Ditto: though you may have to swap the flywheel housing

I'm not 100% certain that the injection pump on the 2.5 will clear the battery box holder though.

No doubt someone who has done it will be along shortly.

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  1. No, RHS chassis mount on a SIII is a long(ish) arm. This has to be chopped off and a short angled mount welded to the chassis (a la 90/110) to match the engine mount of the 2.5NAD. The 2.5NAD has a long RHS mount to reach under the injection pump.
    I don't have photo's to hand from fitting a 2.5NAD in a mate's SIII petrol, but have a look at the mount arrangement for a 2.5 P/NAD/TD/200Tdi and the type of chassis mounts will be obvious. A 2.25 engine could be fitted using 2.5 engine mounts. Engime mounts were the standard 90/110 round rubber jobs.
    Weld on the new chassis mounts before galvanising. If needs be, there is a new jig built SIII chassis outside with 2.5NAD mounts that I could measure later today.
  2. 2.5NAD bolts directly to the SIII bell housing. The holes in the bell housing have to be opened out to M10 as the 2.25 uses 3/8 inch (~9.5mm IIRC) studs.
  3. We used a 2.5/200Tdi clutch cover with a Series pressure plate, SIII release bearing and fitted a new spigot bush while in there.
  4. Although beyond your original question, we used a 2.25D exhaust manifold and downpipe to keep to standard parts. Some say it may be a bit restrictive, but it works fine and the vehicle (88") is fairly lively.

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