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Tyre Sizes on 200tdi Disco

McS Junior

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Too wide without modding the arches. 245/75-16 on disco steels is pretty much it without mods.

A slight nip on the back corner of the arch (do a search on camel cut) will see some more clearence though.



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I have 265x75 with 2" suspension lift.

No problems except:

1) You need to do a camel cut. Easy to do 5 mins of work.

2) They rub on radius arms for sure. Tutn off the stoping bolt to fix this. 5 mins of work.

So dont be afraid and go on!

But without a lift 265x75 I suppose will not fit. Even if they will not rub there will be no space for wheel to go up. No sense in 265x75 without a lift.


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you dont need a lift to fit 265/75/16 tyres - as this isnt the issue.

Trying not to be a pedant - but a lift has very little to do with how far your tyre can stuff itself into the arches. Unless of course your lift springs are sooooooo stiff they wont compress fully up to your bumpstops....... I have a 2" lift and can still quite easily get full compression of the axle right up to the original bumpstop without spring lock or shock destruction.


As Fern says, these tyres are too big to be stuffed into the wheel arches fully. ie axle tube contacting original bumpstop will result in your tyre ripping your arches to bits or shredding your tyre..

You can get round this by fitting +2" bumpstops, which will limit the upward movement of the tyre and prevent it from contacting your arches. But this will reduce your articulation if using standard shocks. One way round this is to fit +2" shocks and dislocation cones, or 2" lower shock mounts + standard shocks and cones. So you will effectively be losing 2" of upward travel and gaining 2" of drop.

the only issue with this is you may bottom out the suspension easier if your springs are a bit soft and saggy.


leave everything as it is and hack your arches out ruthlessly and fit those extended wheel arch flares.

A big offset on the wheels is also advisable or you'll end up with a turning circle of a super tanker.

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not being a pedant at all Nick

it's simple and depends on what you want to use the vehicle for.

if the tyres are just for show and you dont require articulation, do the 265s fit on with no mods... YES

if you want articulation still and want to use the vehicle offroad... you're gonna struggle without some small 'adjustments'

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if the tyres are just for show and you dont require articulation, do the 265s fit on with no mods... YES

I like this idea, really:) Throw out spring and shocks they are for kids, real men just do some welding (bumpstops to axels) and go with 35" ! I believe it's quite easy:)

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