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Defender door hinge numbers

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Looking for door hinges for my 1984 defender 110

Paddocks say pre W***** or post W***** what do the numbers mean and how do they relate to my landy ?

I need two front bottom hinges and one rear door bottom hinge for my supposidly in very good order 110

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Guest diesel_jim

The later hinges with the part numbers similar to BDB710180 (this is lower hinge) have better pins and small plastic washers between the 2 parts of the hinge, to help stop rust from forming and dribbling down the door.

unfortunately, they're about £24 each instead of the £5 for the earlier ones.

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they are chassis numbers the last 8 digits something like WA786111, part of the VIN & chassis number, look on the brake pedal mount in the engine bay, you should find a plate with the VIN/Chassis number & axle weights,

My chassis No dosen't have any Ws in it it's SALLDHAH*AA****** :unsure: that's why I can't get a part No then :rolleyes:

Am I right in thinking that I would be pre WA on that chassis No ? :)

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Yep, go for the early parts, but the later hinges would fit & only the spacer washers that DJ mentions is the only difference, so you have a choice :D just make sure you order the right hinges for the right location.

Thanks, I've decide on MXC 8282/MXC 8283 for front bottom hinges :)

This 110 is turning into a project :D

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