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Auto fitting :-


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Lunch time today I had this:-


And this evening I have this:-


The idea is that I will have something to support the gear lever display thing, and have created a large cubby box with two small cubby holes either side of the gear lever.

I am no good with wood (unless it means pulling trees down) so I have made my center console out of mild steel. :)

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This was how I did mine many moons ago......





Got an LSE console from Sodbury and used ally angle for the frame and brushed ally for the top and the CB housing. The window switches got used for the winch controls.

It took bluddy ages!!!!!!

Where are you now???

Last I heard Tim had it after Steve.

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Looking good Rob :D ,

At least one of us is getting on......

Mines not moved once since it got back from Slab... :blink:

No decision on what to do/no parts/no money..........No interest :o

Come on les I thought you had great plans for improving the leg room in your vehicle.

Can you pm me your address I think I have lost it.

I have a brass?bronse?thingy that fitts into the front stub shaft here that i want to post to you.

Do you want the oil seal that fitts next to it as well?

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That's smart, Rob. It might be worth raising the shifter slightly so the plastis pannel sits a little higher up.

Its a good move not using wood, it tends to turn into a soggy mess after a few dunkings ;)

The plan with the shifter low and the shape of the console is that I can slide over it if I need to get out of the passenger side, or if the passenger needs to get out oof the driver's side for any reason.

I have needed to slide from one side to the other several times during challenge tupe events in the past :D

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