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Which Freelander Model to buy?


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I am thinking of buying a second hand LR Freelander (engine not exceeding 2Lt.) I have found many models for sale? The problem is which model to go for. It is not about the price but rather which model gives less trouble. I have heard about the K series problems for example. Shall I go one with the BMW engine? Thanks to all

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The K-series do give trouble, however because everyone knows this they are terrified of buying them. If you budget for having the head gasket done and the thermostat relocation kit fitted (I was quoted ~£400 parts & labour by my local mechanic) you may find a 1.8 can save you money over a vehicle with a more popular engine in it. I love mine, and when they're put together properly they're great engines. Even driving like a nutter it's doing 27-30mpg.

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As Fridge Freezer says, if you buy a petrol and get it all fixed before it goes wrong there are a lot of bargains available! There is an x reg in my town for £1950!

However, I have a TD4 and in my opinion it has got to be the most reliable and I can easily get 35+ mpg travelling to work and back every day. If you intend

to tow, I would definately reccommend a diesel. I can't really comment on the older rover diesel engine as I have no experience with them.

There is not a great difference in price for spec. The ES has all the mod cons you could wish for.

The things that normally go wrong are the things that are on all models. Electric Windows, Sunroofs, drivetrain etc...

Whatever you choose, try and get one that has been regularly serviced and give it a thorough going over before you commit to buy!

Plus, always leave a spare grand tucked away for repairs. Freelanders are great, I wouldn't change mine but they are prone to a few problems!

I guess I got used to the Never ending Landrover repair bill when I had my ex army lightweight!

Good luck in whatever you choose!

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