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Dead Cat Bounce!

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Hi all!, I've kind of developed, well, not a bounce exactly, more of a lurch!. It occours on very slightl throttle in 5th on overun. It seems to lurch back and forwards, and to stop it I have to take foot of gas or plop into 4th. I know my splines are goin' home, but I replaced all the drive members a year ago, but on removing the caps there does seem to be a wee bit of movement, especially at the perimeter of the wheel. Question is wat is the stuff out there like for replacement. Is britpart really S**tpart, do I go for Oe spec, or how dear is alternative, ie ashcroft. Its a 300 110 '98 vintage witn 110k on it. It doesent get trialled or trashed, so extreme isnt for me. Rears are easy, how complex is the fronts. do I have to change the cv as well. Maybe its the A frame ball joint, not sure, but its definately a lurch. Personal experience re quality please, I'm not into ' my mate says' Thanks for your input in advance. Stumpy!

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