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headlight question

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Just had a dig through the archive and can't find anything that helps so thought I'd pitch this one to you learned gentlemen.

I have 'aquired' a HID conversion kit from a recently scrapped car and wondered if anybody knows of headlights for 90's/Defenders that take a H1 bulb?

I can buy H4 Xenons that would fit stock headlights, but that would mean buying new bulbs and headlights (I've got sealed beams at the moment) - If I can find headlights that take H1 bulbs it will save a few bob.

Plus - on a legality front, if I change the H4 full/dip for just H1 dipped lights can I use my spots as the full beam?

Any help/advice would be a great help.


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Thanks Western,

the kit came from my old Mazda 323f - this passed an MOT and had no levelling system! I guess I was just lucky :ph34r:

just out of interest can you use A-Bar mounted spots as the high beam or are they classed as accessory lighting only?

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Provided the standard main[high] beam in the normal headlights work you can use additional spot or driving lights to supplement the normal main beam, Not sure if having dip only in the standard lights & using the additional lights as main only is within the vehicle lighting regs.

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Cool - thanks western,

I'll keep investigating. Must admit that having had Xenons on a 'normal' car it is well worth the effort/expense. I used to do a lot of night driving for work and the Xenons just made it a lot more comfortable/enjoyable. As I have the lamps and ballasts on a shelf in the garage it would be a waste not to use them ;)

still with the standard headlights and a pair of 100w spots I wont be short of a lumen or two!


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Legallity besides -

anybody know of a H1 headlamp that will fit into a 90' wing? <_<:ph34r: just curious - honest

Not now. All those H1 QI lights will be recycled rust now.

Yes when Phillips first introduced the Hi QI Lamp there wasn't a means of dipping. I think it was Thorn EMI that managed to put two fillaments into one quartz envelope about five years after the H1 came out. Bulb to you,

So when the H1 first came on the market they went back in time and use the old fashioned solenoid dip system.

Do as Ralph says. A good pair of H4 lights and wire them in correctly. Not the fuse wire system that Land Rover use.


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