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Custom prop shafts


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Is there any reason why I can't make my own double cardon prop shafts....

If I weld two prop ends back to back after grinding down the centre till its flush, make a nice deep groove and fill it with weld at a good heat, then shorten a prop I have here is there any reason it will/would be dramaticly out of balance or fail on me....???

Also will it be OK to run the front prop with double cardon at diff end...?

Any suggestions as how best to do it and/or problems I my incur?? Any advise at all... Thanks everyone...


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Guest diesel_jim

Trouble is, double CV UJ's arn't just two bolted back to back... there is a spider and a center yoke in between them to support each other.

if you just bolt 2 together it'll droop where they join then flail around like a flaily thing on a windy day.



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What they said above - don't weld your UJs back to back.

Putting a DC joint at the axle end - you could do it, but with radius arms there's not a lot of movement between the diff and prop because the whole thing pivots at the chassis end at nearly the same point, so a UJ doesn't really cause any problems. With clever suspension links etc, it could be useful. Horses for courses...

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Guest diesel_jim

It's like 2 UJ's connected together... like siamese twins... joined in the middle.

usually there is a rubber boot thing (on the UJ's, not the twins.. ;) ) with the "link" between them.

grab yourself a series 3 109" V8 front prop... they use (big) UJ's on those, and they're greasable unlike the disco S2 which are sealed for 10000 miles "life"..... you can easily get a different (longer) tube welded to one of those, and "hey presto...." double CV shaft.

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