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Lunch was boring today......

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Ode to Sandy…..or should it be “Owed to Sandy…….”?!?!?

I’ve had her since November

A 12-seat blue one-ten

I’ve driven her six thousand miles

Till now from way back then.

The journey’s not been trouble free

She’s given me some grief…

And coupled with a mighty shunt,

Sore neck and near-lost teeth!

The bits she’s had have cost a bob

Or two and frowned the missus

And every time new parts arrive I hide

“What’s that?!?” she hisses.

Two new rear bench seats, vinyl black

They sure do look the job

Two front seats too with big high backs

Have cost a fair few bob

A wiper motor, rear with arm

Two! Brand new radios too

A nice new a-bar, cubby box

To name another few…

New washer motors, both replaced,

A UK-search for grommets

And I bought it, sprayed it, didn’t fit

A nice shy-er blue bonnet

Gauges, dashpod, 12 volt sockets,

New headlamps big and brassy

Have left me bare of cash in pockets

Though the light show’s rather classy….

And mats from Nic the orange one

A rubber square compound

They line the floor and you can use them

Lying on the ground

Switches, four, the carling type

A new fire ex-ting-gwisher

Rear work-lamps and a new CB

The console’s looking swisher!

And four new tyres, complete with wheels

Been fitted just two weeks

She rumbles loud

Quiets the crowd

When she passes, no-one speaks!

The jobs not done yet, more to come

An Exmoor 3-seat set,

The clutch is breathing it’s last breath

And wants changed soon, I’ll bet.

Seats down to nine, she’s looking fine

Though she is a money pit

But hey, the joy of driving means

She’ll be mine for quite a bit (yet!)

With apologies to any real poets!

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Different internal reinforcing struts - wouldn't close properly. Might have been a TD5 bonnet......

Thought we concluded it was the slightly taller heater box holding the bonnet off, as the bonnet internal bracing is different.

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Different internal reinforcing struts - wouldn't close properly. Might have been a TD5 bonnet......

Hi Graham thats the exact reason I asked yes diffrent struts on a TD5 one to your old one. I Put a new TD5 Bonnet on my 1990 defender 110 all you have to do is lower thw radiator water tank by about 1/4 inch and it will close lovley. The strut will hit its cap untill you do and stops it closeing but just 1/4 inch and it will close its a realy easy job if you look.

Its easy to just lower it as the bracket is a sisscor type so loosen the bolts and push down on it the re tighten them and then CLICK the bonnet shuts. To cheeck if its lower enough just put some greese on the cap and gently lower the bonnet untill you can lower it with out geting greese on the inside of the bonnt.

Hope tha saves you some work Paul

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