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Hello people

Am about to build my trayback type thing and i have been looking into different software i can use to draw up and calc bends etc etc,

I have come accross this bend tech pro stuff and i am just wanting to know has any1 used it before and if yes is it any good?

Also could do with somthing as i keep having daft ideas about making a custom chassis / buggey, its the future!!! Too much time looking at the one on D&G's stand at billing any one have any pics/info on the D&G machine?

Thanks Russ

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Yes, Bend Tech Pro is very good providing you set it up properly like anything.


Have a look round the OFN forum, plenty of guys on there using Bend Tech for their rock buggies etc.


It's on my shopping list once I've got my head around Solid Works...... :blink:



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Another vote from me - it's fantastic!

Parts of the UI are a bit clunky - but the calculations are spot on. If you go through the included tutorials - it all makes sense.

I would go for the Pro version with 3D bending - very useful - particularly if you want to do something like a windscreen surround.


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