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land rover green paint

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I think you will need to be a little more specific with this one. There are several - depends on year ..

Coniston Green

Belize Green

Epsom Green (Metallic)

Tonga Green

Are to name but a few - I can think of others I just cant remember he names ath the mo.

Also so a search for paint colours, there is a website that has been listed here before with all LR paint colour & codes.

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Didn't Ralph post a list of all the LR paint colours a short while back. I'm sure it is in the tech archive but just done a quick search and it didn't come up. Perhaps it was buried in another thread not a paint colour thread

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Which green is it likely to be on an m reg 90 300tdi non mettalic? just got some doors for mine and fancy doing the whole landy in the same colour as the doors

sorry to hijack the thread

Almost certainly Coniston green

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