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New Zealand?

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Anyone know where I might find a decent overlander with fridge and tent in New Zealand?

Shipping mine will cost around £3,500

To what buy or hire

Can hire a Toyota Troopie or 100 Series easy in NZ with fridge and roof tent , same as you can in Aus.

Although cost a bit a week to hire , but still cheaper than shipping a car over for a trip around the islands

Here is Britz they do trucks for hire that you can off road with and do fridges and roof tents for them


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Hey Reds

Thansk for the tip, luckly I have a friend in Wanaka, so am looking into the buying option, then getting my mate to sell it after, so it is still cheaper then a rental...

been looking at these to buy:


or ( my fave ):

regardless would be amazing to buy this one purly because is a lovely old wagon:


So, gonna look into this option first I think as it make more sense, then depending what happens will buy some esential parts here and take them with me... Might have some questions abotu that?

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Hi Badger,

My brother is living on the South Island just out of ChCh -Rangiora and is a bit of a off road nut too , there's a bit of a gang that regularly 'go bush' wild camping and off roading up into the southern alps - if you want another contact , pm me and I'll give you his contact details. NZ is a lovely place to travel , hope you have a good trip. How long are you going for?


East coast beach


Snow down on the lowlands this year



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Hi Steve

thanks for this, yeah it's is an amazing spot, every type of enviroment in one spot and i really cant wait to get back.

im just sorting out buyinga motor right now, hopefully this TD5 i got my eye on is still all good...

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